Anchor Shaped Wine Rack

If you enjoy the naval decor, you will love this Anchor Shaped Wine Rack. Especially if you have a boat or a beach house, this wine rack will fit in perfectly. It can fit two bottles, and you can display the corks of the previous bottles you enjoyed.

  • Nautical beach house decor to accent wine or coastal themed kitchen, bar, or wine cellar.
  • Fully assembled - Ready to place on counter top, table top, shelf, cabinet or cupboard.
  • Storage - Anchor shaped wine bottle holder for two standard size bottles with wine cork holder.
  • Dimensions - At furthest points - 12.5" x 4" with 16.5" height.
  • Wine bottles not included.
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as of March 21, 2021 1:19 am
Mike’s Hot Honey

Mike’s Hot Honey

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Fuck Off Bracelet

Fuck Off Bracelet

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