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Finding it hard to get something cool for that tech enthusiast in your life? This fine selection of awesome tech gadgets right here will definitely end your search and suffering. These will leave an impression, and won’t go unnoticed even by a hard-core overly demanding cyberpunker. Some of them may be expensive but what’s the point of making money and life for that matter if you won’t share the “wealth” and spread the happiness. Where will you spend the money if not on that special person in your life.

Google Nest Mesh Wifi -20%

Google Nest Mesh Wifi

With this little invention, you will no longer have problems with your internet connection. The internet will work flawlessly in your house and even in your yard.

$239.00 $299.00 CHECK IT OUT
Glowing Cloud Lamp

Glowing Cloud Lamp

Sweet dreams begin. Turn off the lights, turn on your cloud. Use this magical cloud to dim the lights, create a relaxing atmosphere and enjoy.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip -11%

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Let's try something new and original! This cute and handy mobile phone can be the perfect gift for anyone. With a hands-free camera, the photos will be amazing. The new Samsung edition will blow your mind.

$1,650.00 $1,849.99 CHECK IT OUT
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