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Memory Foam Bath Mat -9%

Memory Foam Bath Mat

Instead of stepping on cold tiles after showering, you will step on memory foam, which is a paradise for your feet. Amazing thing for your bathroom or even as a gift!

$10.23 $11.99 CHECK IT OUT
Face Mask Bandana Skeleton Face -33%

Face Mask Bandana Skeleton Face

This mask is very impressive and you can wear it in many ways. Whether you want to protect yourself from the sun, fasten your hair or wear it as a scarf. This can be a quality gift!

$10.99 $15.99 CHECK IT OUT
Classical Music Box

Classical Music Box

Cute little musical gift! For all the romantic souls who will enjoy this little handmade box. Choose a song and surprise your loved one at any time.

Dog DNA Test -23%

Dog DNA Test

If you want to know all the breeds that went into creating your dog, this test will give you fascinating information! An amazing gift for every parent of dogs!

$99.00 $129.00 CHECK IT OUT
Hair Scalp Massager

Hair Scalp Massager

For wet but also dry hair. This super soft silicone will massage your scalp, stimulate blood circulation and natural hair growth. Easy to use and great feeling!

The Essential Cocktail Book -11%

The Essential Cocktail Book

To home-made great cocktails, in just a few steps, with the help of this amazing recipe book. Have fun picking up supplies and testing out new recipes at home.

$17.99 $19.99 CHECK IT OUT
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