Liquid Fart Prank

Everyone enjoys a good prank. It is a good gift for someone who has a lot of imagination and creativity to use it. Some of our ideas are to use it when you're at some crowded place, and you would like some social distancing, if you have a very annoying coworker, you can make her stink the whole day, or if you need to wait in some long line, the spray will make at least some people give up and leave. The options are limitless.

  • Works in the dark!
  • Guaranteed results!
  • 1 Pack
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Automatic Pan Stirrer

Automatic Pan Stirrer

For all the recipes that call for constant stirring, we present you this life saver. It not only saves lives but saves precious time and your arms, too. Gift this to someone who enjoys cooking and they'll forever be thankful for making their life a hell of a lot easier.

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Follow Me Bring Beer Sandals

Follow Me Bring Beer Sandals

Hey folks, look at these sandals with inscriptions on the sole that leave marks on the sand. One sole leaves the "follow me" imprint and the other "bring beer". The perfect combination for warm sand and a party invitation, don't you think?

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